A Scientific Raven

A life of chemicals and computers, clockwork, tea, and brine.

I used to be a crazy punk chick with an addiction to science, music, politics, and art. Now - wait, what's changed? Ah yes - I dye my hair less now. Also, I take apart brains and computers for a living.
Still crazy, still a dreamer, still out to beat the world. Still and always prone to taking things apart to see how they work. Still and always the one willing to take off on any adventure, any time. Never conventionally normal.

A note, re: friending. I don't really make/believe in f-locking my own posts. I friend people like an RSS-reader; it means I find you fascinating and want to read what you write. You need feel no obligation to friend me in return, though I do admit that, in my vanity and my curiosity, I do like knowing who is reading me.

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